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Sizzle! Candy Condoms - 3 Pack - Strawberry, Chocolate, and Pina Colada

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Let Your Fantasies Run Wild...
Because Sizzle! Candy Condoms Are For All Seasons and For All Reasons!

For Your Enjoyment, They Come in Three Delicious Flavors: Strawberry, Chocolate, and Pina Colada. 
Put One on Your Mate, Moisten the Outside Seam, Seal, and Let Yourself Go! 
The More You Lick The Better It Tastes!

Not To Be Used as a Birth Control Device. 
Sheath Will Dissolve in Water or Excessive Moisture. 
It Has No More Practicality Than An All Day Sucker, But Who Wears Suckers? 
Now That You Are Prepared, Get Your Lover and Bon Appetite! 
Sizzle! Candy Condoms Are Ideal for Breakfast, Coffee Breaks, or Whenever!

Love is better with flavor.
Directions: Slip Onto Penis, Moisten Seam, Seal and Enjoy!