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MAXIMUM IMPACT Spray 4oz Aerosol Solvent Cleaner. 

This product is used in a variety of situations that would require its cleaning powers, such as; cleaning leather stains, removing scuffs and residue from car bumpers, removing bug residue from car windshield, etc,. Use gloves, spray solvent onto a towel and apply to area to be cleaned.

Unlike other items, Maximum Impact come in aerosol form.

Just as with any chemical, first use it on a small area to ensure compatibility.

Maximum Impact solvent cleaner comes in 1 size; large.

NOT sold for human consumption.

For external use only.

(Due to U.S./China Trade Tariffs/Import difficulties this product is very difficult to obtain and the new import tariffs have caused a 20% increase in the price of this product – which is out of our control)